How We're Helping

The Cartersville-Bartow County Exchange Club was chartered in 1985 and since then its members have worked to make our community better.  Through our three Programs of Service and Exchange’s National Project, the prevention of child abuse, our local club focuses our energy and attention on Bartow's specific needs, especially when it involves our youth.  The Programs of Service are Americanism, Youth Programs and Community Service.  

Since our inception, Exchange members have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars and donated them to local children's organizations such as Advocates for Bartow's children, Boys and Girls Club, and Bartow Christmas Coalition.  In addition we fund a yearly Scholarship for our youth through the Etowah Education Foundation.  Our Club has two main fundraising activities yearly in the Cartersville Christmas Parade and our $10,000 Reverse Raffle.

How Can I Get Involved

Join Us For A Meeting

Exchange meets on Thursdays at 12 PM at Johnny Mitchell's.  Please join us!

650 Henderson Drive, Cartersville, Georgia 30120, United States

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